What are all these roles in a cybersports team about?

Have you always wanted to become a cyberathlete in a professional eSports team? The teams who rise to the heights of cybersports universe win huge prizes and become real celebrities. However, the key to great results in tournaments is perfect teamwork. 

Each player in a team has a certain role depending on an esports discipline, and each role in a team has its responsibilities and tactics. Such an approach helps each gamer to focus on the certain aspect of the game and deliver the best performance for the teams success. For example, if the map in the game is divided into different areas as in MOBAs, it is quite useful for a team to have gamers specialised on different areas. Only clear dividing helps gamers not to disturb each other and avoid unpleasant situations. It is also important because of the stressful environment of eSports tournaments: the team must do its best in a small amount of time and every teammember must know exactly what he or she does. 

Let’s look at the main roles in such eSports disciplines as CS:GO and Smite. Some positions, such as for example position of coach, are vital options in any teams and disciplines. 


The coach’s primary goal is to set up and prepare the team for the next tournament. Coach is usually a former cyberathlete with expertise in management and psychology, who identifies all the strengths and weaknesses of each player and makes a gaming practice schedule. He is responsible for the trainings, for the “scrims” (organizational meetings), for the motivation and mental attitude of his players and his professionalism plays a huge role in the career of gamers. How often do players need to improve their skills? Who must be a hunter in the match? And which strategy should the team use to beat the opponent in the next match? All these aspects depend on the decisions of the coach. Top coaches in this field are well-paid specialists with eSports qualifications. And  with a very interesting job. 

Entry fragger

The main goal of the fragger (or tank) is to provide the best positions for his teammates, diverting the opponent’s attention by active movement around the map and attacks. Entry fragger focuses enemy fire on himself thanks to his high level of shooting, knowledge of positions, and excellent reaction. As a rule, this role has the opportunity of the first kill on the map, which will help bring his team forward from the first round. It is suitable for a strong-willed player who loves fast and aggressive gameplay and, at the same time, is ready to sacrifice individual statistics in the name of the victory of his team.

In-game leader

The objectives of this role are the coordination of the team’s actions, the analysis of the opponent’s play, and the selection of the necessary tactical basis. The in-game leader (or captain) plays an essential role in the team’s morale, along with the coach. However, he is behind the team most of the game, concentrating on the map and making changes in tactics according to the course of the round. The in-game leader must command clearly and coordinate the players with his voice while keeping cool-headed and self-control. In addition, he must be well versed in the match’s economy. A good understanding of maps is also a prerequisite for this role.


This role is often called the “silent player” or “rat” because the main task is to gather information on the map for the team to retreat or attack, based on shadows, sounds, and environment. The players of this role are distinguished by the skills of transparent monitoring of actions and calculations taking place on the map, when the enemy may attack, and to provide information to their teammates on time. As a result, players in this position can significantly influence the outcome of the round.


As the name suggests, the main goal is to help and support teammates. The task of the support is to move along with the entry fragger in the first seconds of the round, to cover, and then stay in position (on the bombsite) and wait. Its task doesn’t include bursting in or entering the enemy’s homefront. Instead, he sits and waits, giving information on the opponent’s attack vector.


AWPer or sniper is a player who uses the AWP sniper rifle. The sniper’s task is to eliminate the opponent at a distance, to cover the teammates. The sniper often plays with the AWP for the defense side, but in the attack on many maps, this weapon is very effective. Some active snipers often change their position, can operate with a rifle at close range. Others prefer a more closed style of play. In modern CS:GO, snipers are the best players in their team. The captain often builds his economy around getting an expensive AWP for the sniper, and if the AWP is in the right hands, the course of the whole round could change dramatically. 

The sniper must be flexible because he may be required to play static in one round and to move around the map actively in the other. A patient and experienced player will be suitable for this role. Moreover, the sniper must know where to expect the enemy to appear, where to hide.

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