There is no one reason why someone chooses to undergo facial plastic surgery Toronto. The procedures are broadly divided into two categories – surgical and non-surgical. Surgical procedures are those for which one has to be put under anaesthesia and it is literally going under the knife. Various surgical plastic surgery procedures can enhance the way that we look. Sometimes, even though we know which aspect of our appearance we would like to augment, we are often confused about the procedure. Results achieved from surgical procedures are long-lasting, as the changes are made at the structural level. The anti-ageing procedures can enable you to retain your youthful and refreshed look for a longer time, as compared to non-surgical procedures. Following are some of the most popular plastic surgeries.


When looking for a comprehensive solution to fight the signs of ageing, a facelift is a procedure to be considered. This procedure is planned as per the patient and their needs. It aims o address loose skin and skin laxity in the face, jowls and neck area. People who are in their 40s, 50s and 60s choose to undergo the procedure. A facelift can create long-lasting results as the underlying muscles and tissues are tightened during the treatment.


Commonly known as eyelid surgery, it targets the excess skin in the upper eyelid and the eyebags present on the lower lid. The surgery can be performed on both eyelids or even one. It depends on what your aesthetic goals are. Undergoing blepharoplasty can open your eyes up. It enables you to have a more rested and rejuvenated appearance.

Chin Implant

To have a balanced face, a well-defined jawline is sometimes required. The chin plays a crucial role in that. Undergoing a chin implant procedure can help to improve facial harmony. It is a great option when the chin is weak or recessed. Chin implants can drastically improve the balance of the face and give you a proportionate and attractive profile.


A nose job has been a popular procedure since time immemorial. The nose is the focal point of the face, its importance can hardly be denied. Most people choose to undergo the procedure to improve their nose profile. Undergoing rhinoplasty can also improve functioning as it can fix concerns like a deviated septum. The surgeon will design the procedure as per the requirements of the patient.

Revision Rhinoplasty

This is a procedure considered by people who have already undergone rhinoplasty and want to change their previous results. One might choose to undergo this procedure for various reasons. It could be that the previous procedure was done poorly, or they didn’t get the desired results. Sometimes functional changes also take place due to rhinoplasty. All of these concerns can be addressed in revision rhinoplasty. You can’t simply undergo the revision procedure right after your first rhinoplasty. You will have to wait at least a year before seeking the revision. The nose needs to heal before further changes can be made.

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