When one thinks of cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation is one of those that comes to mind. It has been a popular plastic surgery for the longest time. Breast Implant Toronto can help you to achieve natural looking augmented breasts that you have always wanted. However, there are times when the patient might choose to undergo a breast revision procedure. During the surgery, the breast implant is removed or replaced with a new one. This procedure is planned as per the needs of the patient. If this is something you have been considering, we are here to tell you about it.

When should you consider breast implant revision?

Breast implant revision is a procedure considered for personal or medical reasons. There is a misconception that the implant needs to be replaced every 10 years. That is far from the truth. As long as the implant is intact and not causing any problems, it doesn’t need replacement. Breast implants don’t come with an expiry date. One can undergo the procedure because they want to change their breasts’ look and feel. It could be to increase or decrease the size, projection and weight. A breast lift is also often paired with a replacement as it rejuvenates the contours of the breast.

If you have an implant rupture, you will have to undergo a timely replacement procedure. Concerns like capsular contracture can be mild for a long time. It is also considered when there is asymmetry and the implant is causing discomfort. A replacement procedure is also carried out when one is looking to upgrade the implant or change the position.

What happens during the surgery?

The replacement procedure lasts for about 2 hours, it depends on the technique and complexity of the case. Incisions are made in the original site or under the natural breast crease to remove and replace the implant. A technique known as en bloc breast implant removal is used to remove the implant and surrounding scar capsule tissue in one piece. Where the tightened scar tissue is formed or if there has been implant rupture, the surgeon will most probably remove the complete capsule. A capsulotomy is another approach which opens the pocket to give space for free movement of the new implant. The surgeon will discuss the techniques and approaches they will be making use of.

What does recovery look like?

For the first few days, you will only be allowed to take sponge baths. As there are incisions, they need to be protected from being soaked or submerged in water. Before you leave the facility, a list of detailed instructions will be shared with you. You will e prescribed pain medication and antibiotics. This will help to make the recovery procedure more comfortable. You might experience swelling or bruising, which will begin to resolve in the first few days. It is recommended to take the first two weeks off from the routine and concentrate on recovery. During this time, it would be helpful if you had someone who will assist you with driving, pet or childcare.

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