The Top 5 Parallette Exercises to Get in Shape

It’s easy to mistake parallettes for gym equipment. Smart athletes, however, realize that bodyweight exercises can benefit everyone. Because gymnastics and calisthenics exercises are done with precise, controlled movements, they can help improve strength, mobility, and stability in a big way when done at home.

The best part? Even the best parallettes are inexpensive. You can get as fit, powerful, and sculpted as a gymnast if you buy some parallettes and start using them in your training routine.

The Best Parallette Exercises You Can Count On

Parallettes are portable and simple to use, making them ideal for travel. Your body weight, some bars, and open space are all you need to get started. You will get the exquisite physique of a gymnast by considering the following parallette exercises mentioned by the fitness education platform, Calisthenics Worldwide:

1. Parallettes Dips

You need to sit in the space between the parallel bars. Raise yourself off the ground until your forearms are stretched out but your feet are flat on the floor, then repeat. Keep your forearms near your rib cage as you squat down and drop your hips toward the floor. Tuck your tummy in, and don’t tilt your hips back. The next step is to immediately start the rise. To make it more effective, raise your heels by resting them on a bench or similar low object.

2. Parallettes Pull-Ups

Grab the bars and go into a plank posture, feet flat on the ground. Keep your body and elbows straight as you stoop at the waist. Your cue to stop is whenever your chest is aligned with the bars. Always maintain a firm hip posture. Lastly, reduce the depth of the push-up by lowering your chest to the floor.

3. Parallettes L-Sit

Sit in the middle of the parallel bars. Place both hands on the parallettes, raise your body until your elbows are stretched out but your feet remain on the floor and hold this position. The next step is to extend your legs forward so that your body forms a right angle. You may assist the action by pressing your hands firmly onto the parallettes. Achieve more by increasing the length of time you spend in the L-Sit.

4. Parallettes V-Sits

This is the next logical step after mastering the L-Sit. You should sit between the parallel bars. Raise yourself off the ground until your elbows are stretched out, but your feet remain flat on the floor, and then grab the bars with both hands. Raise your legs from this position. Get them about chest-high. To improve, extend your V-Sit by 5-10 seconds each time.

5. Parallette Handstand Push-Ups

Your hands should be on the parallel bars and your feet on the wall, forming a handstand. Keep your feet straight on the wall, extend your arms and slide your body until you reach the floor.

The Bottom Line

Training with parallettes has many advantages, and we’re sure you’re ready to dive in now that you know the best parallette exercises.

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