The International Health Regulations

The revised International Health Regulations (IHR) have become legally binding and are being implemented worldwide by the World Bank and other development agencies. They have been developed to strengthen the global health security and to ensure that health risks do not cross borders. The aim is to prevent acute public-health threats that threaten people worldwide. As a result, member countries have agreed to fulfill specific public-health capacities. Listed below are some of the IHR’s key elements.


The International Health Regulations (IHR) are an international legal instrument that covers measures to prevent the transnational spread of infectious diseases. They are a framework for defining national core capacities, points of entry and administrative procedures. In addition, the IHR is intended to provide legal basis for important health documents, ensuring that international travelers are protected from diseases. The 58th World Assembly adopted the IHR in 2005. This document establishes standards for health care delivery and disease surveillance, and provides sanitary protections for travelers.

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The IHR was developed from the first Sanitary Conferences in 1887, with the goal of curbing the spread of infectious diseases. Its focus was on cholera quarantine, and ultimately led to a binding agreement in 1892. The IHR covered cholera, yellow fever, and plague. It also included a provision that allows for the quarantine of animals. The first revision of the IHR, however, focused on diseases and the prevention of bacterial infections.

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