Symptoms of Measles

The symptoms of measles are the same for adults and children worldwide. The rash is red and starts on the face and moves down the body. Raised white spots often appear over the red patches. The spots may join together in clusters, as the rash spreads down the body. A person with measles spreads the virus to others through respiratory droplets, which are released during coughing and sneezing. After two days, the infection has reached its peak. After that, the person is infected and has an 80% chance of infecting nine to 18 people.

Viral disease

Measles is a viral disease that causes a rash on the skin. Symptoms of measles usually develop from 10 to 12 days after infection. The rash, which usually starts on the face, spreads to the hairline, and lasts for about a week before fading. The other symptoms depend on which part of the body has been affected. Measles is contagious and spreads through coughs and sneezes.

Fever and cough

The first signs of measles are high fever and cough. They occur between seven and twelve days after exposure. In addition, a runny nose and red, watery eyes may also occur. Sometimes, a small white spot can develop inside the cheek. After a few days, the rash will appear. It spreads over three days and will fade completely after a week. It will go away on its own after this period.

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