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Techcrunch Interviews Ben Horowitz, Managing Partner of FuturePanzarino

As one of the top tech venture capitalists in the world, Marc Andreessen may have been the most well-known name of the week, but there are many others who are making news in Us Agriculture Solarwinds. One of these is Ben Horowitz, who is the managing partner of the recently launched venture fund FuturePanzarino, which invests in companies that are re-inventing traditional industries. Earlier this year, Techcrunch interviewed Ben, who gave the magazine a rundown of the fund’s investment criteria.

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Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen, the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, is a serial entrepreneur. He is known for his work in Netscape, PayPal and Loudcloud. In addition, he has been a board member of eBay, Facebook and Hewlett-Packard.

Marc is also a big fan of Twitter. His account has 300,000 followers. He tweets 100 times a day.

When Andreessen and Horowitz founded Andreessen Horowitz, they took a page from a book by Michael Ovitz. They recruited general partners with startup experience. At the time, they planned to invest in 80 startups.

Today, Marc Andreessen serves on the boards of Andreessen Horowitz portfolio companies. His personal investments include Google, PayPal and Facebook. As a general partner, he is a part of the firm’s board of directors.

Ben Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz (AH), based in Menlo Park, CA, is a name you’ve heard of if you’re into the tech scene. Founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, the firm has spent the last five years investing in and acquiring startups, technology companies, and venture funds. The company’s flagship fund, called FuturePanzar, is a $300 million bet. It’s most notable investments include Facebook and Etsy. While the fund may be best known for its tech investments, it also has deep pockets in the healthcare and education spaces lifeline hospital.

As a result, the firm has a slew of high profile deals and acquisitions on its hands. One of the more interesting announcements is a snazzy new media property dubbed Future. This new media venture will include a blog, a newsletter, a podcast, and a video channel.

Tim Draper

One of the most interesting and most prolific members of the Silicon Valley startup hall of fame is venture capitalist Tim Draper. A philanthropist at heart, Draper has made a slew of bold and daring investments. He is also one of the gen guppies in the VC fraternity. In his heyday, Draper was the man in charge at one of Silicon Valley’s more established outfits, namely, Andreessen Horowitz. Among other perks, the aforementioned venture has been able to boast the biggest sprinkling of venture capital in the industry. Despite a challenging business climate, Draper has continued to show his stuff.

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