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Having been a fan of VentureBeat for a number of years, I am always interested in the latest news and stories from the platform. Specifically, I am intrigued by Kyle Wiggers, one of the hosts of VentureBeat.

About VentureBeat

Despite his ties to Silicon Valley, Kyle Wiggers has also branched out to cover technology in general, and in particular, artificial intelligence. He has written for a number of gadget blogs, including Digital Trends, VentureBeat, and TechCrunch. He and his partner live in Brooklyn, New York. In his spare time, he likes to play the piano. He has also worked at OpenAI, a robotics company. And he has written about the impact of Hurricane Dorian on the county of Berkeley, California.

For this year’s VentureBeat Transform, Wiggers and the Data Natives team will lead a half-day content program on emerging AI technologies. They’ll also be introducing attendees to tools to help address risky AI deployments. As artificial intelligence advances, it is shaping a growing number of sectors worldwide. In addition, technological change requires new skills. But only 1 in 4 employers are confident they can identify the skills their workforce needs in the future. In this interview, Wiggers gives us some highlights on the funding round for Intellimize, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup. He also discusses how the company is making a big impact in the financial services industry.

Despite the fact that he’s never gotten a real job, Kyle Wiggers has been writing for TechCrunch for about a decade, and he’s become one of the site’s most well-known writers. Whether he’s covering startups or writing about the latest developments in technology, it’s clear that Wiggers is a guy with big ideas.

About VentureBeat

Having worked for both a Fortune 500 company and an innovative startup in Brooklyn, I can attest that the smartest people in the room are often the hardest to please. Having said that, there are plenty of folks willing to bet a dollar or two that you know what you are doing. This can be a pain in the rear if you’re trying to get your kids to learn to read or pick up a guitar.

I’m not going to bore you with the same old tales of failure, but I will give you the lowdown on a few notable notables. I’ve spent countless hours on Google’s campus, and have spoken with scores of employees in all walks of life. From a sexologist to a janitor, I’ve met my fair share of ninjas, jerks and sycophants. I’m a firm believer that no matter what your occupation is, the secret is to be honest and upfront.


Those looking to have a career at TechCrunch will need to be able to write, cut through the noise, and be proactive about their own coverage. They’ll also need to know how to communicate with engineers, designers, investors, and readers. TechCrunch writes about new technology companies and their latest venture capital funding rounds. It also hosts major conferences and meet-ups.

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