Sheer Mineral Sunscreen For Face Is Best For Dark Skin 

Anyone with dark or black skin will tell you that preventing yourself from looking ashy can be tricky when applying sunscreen. Foregoing the misconception that black & brown people don’t need sunscreen, sheer mineral sunscreen for face is the best option, as it offers protection without the white cast. 

There’s quite a debate raging on about the best types of sunscreen to use, but if you do your research, you’ll like find that mineral-based varieties win out pretty much every time.

That’s because:

  • They’re non-comedogenic, meaning fewer spots
  • They’re as gentle as anything available on the market due to a lack of need to be absorbed 
  • They are more ecologically sound, as they don’t contain chemicals that harm the planet

It’s hard to argue against using mineral-based sunscreens, as they have almost no bad side. That is unless you have darker skin. That’s right, the white cast that’s left behind by some products can make brown and black skin look very, very ashy indeed. 

Sheer Mineral Sunscreen For Face Is the Answer

Back in the latter half of the 20th century, mineral sunscreens were still being refined into the products you see on drug store shelves today. They were effective at preventing sun damage, but typically left black skin looking like it hadn’t been exfoliated in 6 months! 

Modern brands are nowhere near as bad as they were for white casting, but on darker skin tones, it can still leave your face looking a few shades lighter than it should be. It stands out and not in a good way – however, sheer products go on invisible. 

Once applied, they offer all the protection with none of the residue, with the major manufacturers claiming that they blend in to be unnoticeable. This is what you want from your sunscreen – all the protection and none of the residue. 

Mineral Sunscreen = Instant Protection 

Since sheer mineral sunscreen for face negates the problem of ashiness, you get to enjoy the other benefits products like these offer. We haven’t mentioned it yet, but another advantage of mineral sunscreen over its chemical counterparts is that it works immediately. 

Unlike chemical formulas that need time to work their way into the skin (typically 20-30 minutes), mineral brands create a barrier instantly, meaning that you can go out into the sun straight after application, safe in the knowledge that you’re protected.

Think of this on a daily basis. You’re expected to wear this stuff every day, but who remembers they need to put it on ½ hour before they want to go out? Not many! This results in people going out anyway and not putting on any sunscreen at all!

Try Sheer Mineral Sunscreen For Face & See For Yourself!

If you’ve ever been put off from using mineral sunscreens because of the ashiness problem, we’re here to tell you that you can enjoy the benefits without the white cast.

The gentlest, most-effective broad-spectrum sunscreen is available in a form that is invisible on dark skin, so there’s absolutely no reason to avoid their use. Just look for words like ‘sheer’ and ‘invisible’ on the packaging and you’ll know that you’re in the right area. 

If you have any trouble with the application of your mineral sunscreen, remember that it’s not going to feel as gloopy and watery as chemical brands, so you need a lot less of it (which means it’s also more economical to use)

If you get stuck, check out one of the many YouTube videos that show you how it’s done. 

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