Oil Control Moisturizer – What Exactly Is It Designed to Do?

When it comes to looking after your skin, it doesn’t pay to take chances. There truly are countless products on the market that are designed to protect it – so much so that things can get a little confusing and overwhelming rather quickly. For example, you may have seen something called oil control moisturizer – do you know what or who it’s meant for?

Granted, you can probably work out what it does from its name, i.e. it controls oil – but aside from that, do you understand what it does? Well, that’s the burning question we aim to answer here as we examine the popular product more closely. 

Providing Moisture to Moisture-Starved Skin 

When someone has oily skin and they’re prone to breakouts, moisturizer is often the last thing they might think of putting on it. With most moisturizers, you can see why you wouldn’t, as they can be thick and heavy and appear very much like applying them will just make things worse. 

This means some end up with super dry skin, as excess oil is a sign of dryness. What oil control moisturizer does is reduce oil levels at the same time, providing much-need hydration to the skin. That way, you can have young, supple skin like everyone else.

Designed Not to Block Hair Follicles 

Many regular types of moisturizers are gloopy and heavy, which is why they’re prone to causing breakouts leading to blocked hair follicles. What this means is that they’re not non-comedogenic, i.e. manufactured to keep the pores clear.

Oil control varieties, however, often are, so they will do their important work without causing you the misery of zits across your face. Typically water-based, they are super gentle when delivering their important moisture, resulting in the user enjoying clear, unblemished skin. 

Protecting Your Skin Against Free Radical Damage 

Another important job carried out by any good oil control moisturizer is to provide protection against free radical damage. We’re talking about pollution, stress, sun damage and other environmental factors that cause damage to your skin cells at a microscopic level.

Many top moisturizing products will also contain Vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants, which further serve to ensure your skin is kept healthy. Wearing it on a regular basis will keep your skin looking young due to being free of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. 

Now You Understand What Oil Control Moisturizer Is For! 

Now that you understand what the product is for, it could be that it’s actually designed for your needs specifically. We hope that is the case, as we always like our buxic readers to learn something when they take the time to read our blogs. 

Your main takeaway from reading our blog is that it’s a product that’s specifically designed for people with oily skin. People with healthy, balanced skin need hydration – as does everyone – and that’s what this product provides to people who would otherwise be short of options. 

Moisturization is such an important part of skin health, so it stands to reason that people who can’t get on with regular moisturizers need something else. That’s essentially what this product is.

So, buy it if you need it and always (we can’t stress this enough) read the label. Do that and you’re one step closer to the dream skin you’ve always wanted

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