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If you are in the market for a customer service platform, you might be interested in Nayya’s AI-powered customer service platform. The startup recently raised 11 million in series funding. The team says the company has 120 million lines of claims stories and has analyzed 3 billion consumer data points.


Nayya is an artificial intelligence platform that automates customer support operations. The startup is still developing its technology, and hopes to launch a beta version later this year. It’s similar to companies such as Helpr, which uses chatbots to help customers. Another similar company is KAI, which is building a platform to automate customer support.

Nayya leverages billions of health insurance and other datasets to manage health care plans. It then uses this information to provide personalized recommendations for in-network care. The company plans to use the new funding to grow its team and deepen its partnerships with leading carriers and employers. Ultimately, the startup aims to use the funding to build out its New York headquarters and expand its partnership with leading carriers and employers.

Nayya’s AI-based customer service platform is set to revolutionize the way companies provide customer service. Its $11 million seed round was led by Felicis Ventures, and the startup expects to use the money to expand its platform and add more employers.

Nayya aims to automate customer service operations by using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing. Using this technology, the company’s virtual customer service agent can understand a customer’s query and respond in real time. This helps businesses scale their customer service operations and handle large volumes of customer queries without hiring additional agents.

Its customer service platform

Nayya is an artificial intelligence-based customer service platform for health insurers that helps companies manage employee benefit plans by using billions of health insurance data sets. The company uses these data sets to give employees personalized recommendations for in-network care. The new funding will allow Nayya to expand its team and deepen its partnerships with leading carriers and employers.

Nayya has been working with Just Global, a global insurance company, during Open Enrollment this year. The company was blown away by the engagement levels their employees showed with the tool, which integrated multiple data sources to provide personalized benefit recommendations.

Its AI

AI is a booming field with many uses. AI solutions are not just a new marketing buzzword; they can also be a vital tool in a company’s success. Here are three ways AI can be used to boost a business.

Its only available in English

Nayya is a software company developing a platform that helps businesses automate customer service operations. The platform offers virtual customer service agents that are trained using AI and natural language processing to understand customer queries in real time. The company has raised $11 million in seed funding from investors including Felicis Ventures and Wiggers VentureBeat giveme5.

Its funding round

A new funding round has given the insurance benefits management software startup $11 million to expand its team and accelerate partnerships with carriers. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology leverages billions of health insurance data sets to make personalized recommendations on in-network care. The startup plans to use the new funding to expand its New York team and deepen its relationship with major carriers and employers.

The new funding will also help Nayya continue to expand its product portfolio. The AI-powered chatbot is now able to understand complex questions from consumers and provide real-time assistance. Powered by AI and natural language processing, Nayya will enable businesses to streamline their customer service operations.

Nayya targets employees who need help choosing healthcare benefits and offers a personalized benefits selection tool that enables employees to make informed decisions. The platform also provides savings opportunities. In addition to the funding, Nayya has appointed angel investor Mike Dixon to its board as an observer. The startup plans to expand its platform and partner with more healthcare solutions to provide more benefits to employees.

Nayya is a leading insurance benefits experience and management platform. The startup has closed a $11 million Series A funding round led by Felicis Ventures with early investors including the largest mutual life insurance company in the US, Guardian Life. It also has an investment from Fortune 500 insurance company, Cameron Ventures.

Its target market

Nayya, a company that uses artificial intelligence to manage healthcare benefits, has raised $11 million in a series A round led by Felicis Ventures. Wiggers will be leaving VentureBeat to join TechCrunch. The new funding will help Nayya scale its team and accelerate partnerships with carriers. The company uses artificial intelligence to make employee benefit management simpler and more affordable.

The company says that it has incorporated more than 3 billion consumer data points and analyzed over 120 million lines of claim stories. It believes that its AI technology can beat competitors and will save the common man money. With this funding, the company will expand to Latin America.

Nayya’s AI-powered customer support platform has the potential to revolutionize customer service operations. The company plans to release a beta version of its product later this year. Its competitors include Helpr and KAI. Both companies use chatbots to assist customers.

The company has a lot of potential to scale as it continues to grow. Nayya has secured $11 million in series A funding from Felicis Ventures. It plans to use the funding to expand its platform, hire new talent, and develop more products.


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has many benefits for businesses. It allows companies to execute tasks in real time and adapt their strategies to changing market conditions. For example, AI can automatically increase or decrease sales promotions and delay the release of new products that would otherwise cannibalize sales from existing products. This technology also allows companies to leverage their employees’ talent.

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