Influenza A and Other Zoonotic Influenza Viruses

There are many types of influenza viruses. A zoonotic infection occurs when a virus is transmitted from one species to another. Most human infections result from the transmission of HPAI strains, which are the most serious. However, even if the avian strains are not zoonotic, they can still be harmful to humans. Exposure to infected birds or contaminated surfaces is the main cause of disease.

Zoonotic agents

Influenza A viruses are among the most common zoonotic agents. They usually infect poultry and swine but can infect humans. This is mainly due to cross-species transmission and adaptation to the host. The disease causes a variety of symptoms, from a mild upper respiratory tract infection to pneumonia and severe complications. Other possible complications include conjunctivitis and gastrointestinal symptoms. In severe cases, encephalitis can lead to inflammation of the brain and is fatal.

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Severe pneumonia

The highly pathogenic avian influenza A virus originates from wild birds but can infect humans. These viruses are acquired from infected animals or from contaminated environments. The infection may range from a mild upper respiratory tract infection to severe pneumonia. In some cases, zoonotic avian influenza A viruses can infect humans. Infections with these virus can be serious, causing death and a wide range of medical conditions.

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