Five Things Your Cheyenne Car Accident Attorney Will Do When You Hire Them

If you have been in a Cheyenne car accident, you may be wondering whether or not you need an attorney. Although you want to ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to, you do not want to waste a lawyer’s time if you can handle your case by yourself. So, when is hiring a car accident lawyer Cheyenne important?

A great attorney knows the complexities of Wyoming law and they can pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. A car accident victim who works with a lawyer usually recovers higher compensation than those who represent themselves. If you sustained injuries in a car accident, you must know if an attorney can help. 

Investigate the Accident to Determine Liability

To recover compensation for your accident-related injuries, you need to prove liability. This requires you to collect evidence through a prompt and thorough investigation. As you deal with your injuries, you should have an attorney do the investigation and evidence collection for you. 

Calculate Your Economic Losses

These losses refer to those that directly affect your finances. They include medical bills, lost income, and transportation costs. If the crash was caused by another driver, you can pursue compensation for your economic losses, both current and future. To accurately calculate your economic losses, your attorney must understand how your injuries will affect your life in the long term and the calculation methods allowed by the law. 

Calculate How Much You Deserve for Your Pain and Suffering

Apart from your economic losses, you may be able to pursue compensation for non-economic losses such as pain and suffering. However, you can only collect this compensation when you can prove these losses. Thankfully, your attorney knows how to quantify such damages. 

Negotiate a Fair Claim Settlement

Although you might have a chance to get a settlement without an attorney, the amount you may get may not be the true value of your claim. But if you are represented by an attorney, they can negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company and won’t settle for less than what you deserve. 

File a Lawsuit for You

Should the insurance company refuse to settle your claim, your attorney can take your case to court. Most insurance providers will want to avoid litigation because of the cost and the stress it may bring. But some insurers may be too hesitant to pay the amount you demand. Your attorney can represent you no matter where your case takes you. 

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