5 Common Injuries in Children and How to Handle Them

Taking care of children is work. You are a caregiver, a tutor, a coach, and many more. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or an owner of a commercial playground, you must know how to take care of kids. Children get injured easily. They are playful and messy. You might be dealing with something bad if you are not attentive enough. It may be normal that most injuries are minor. However, it makes sense if you are well-prepared for the worst cases. It can be a good idea to get first aid training at to know the first thing to do in case of a major injury and when to call a doctor. This article will discuss what you should do right away in various situations should a child get injured.

Head Injury

Head injuries are the common types of injuries in children. If a child has bumped their head, signs of concussion could be passing out, vomiting, confusion, difficulty walking, and headache. The best thing you ought to do is to check their head for visible injuries. Call 911 in the process and ensure you take them to an emergency room if they have the symptoms mentioned above. Avoid giving the child painkillers like ibuprofen to avoid over bleeding.


Chocking may happen when a child is eating or playing with toys. If this happens, place your arms around their waist and your thumb on the upper part of the abdomen. Squeeze them with your arms upward until the item chocking them comes out. Don’t force the kid to cough out the object, and don’t use your fingers to remove the item.


This is another common injury in kids. If a child has a nosebleed, have their head slightly tilted forward and hold the nose tightly with a towel. Maintain the position for about ten minutes to see if the bleeding stops. Don’t let the kid lean back to prevent blood from flowing into the stomach. Don’t let them blow their nose, and don’t insert cotton wool or tissue in the nose. If bleeding does not stop, it may result from a broken nose or another health issue. Therefore, take them to the E.R.

Allergic Reactions

When a kid has an allergic reaction, they may have hives and swelling on lips and eyes. The kid may have problems breathing, vomiting, dizziness, or diarrhea. You can use an epinephrine injector if it is available. Take them to the emergency before the medicine wears off. If the issue of difficulty breathing is severe or the child passes out, call 911 and rush them to the hospital.

Cracked Tooth

It is easy for a kid to break a tooth when playing. You may notice an injury on the mouth with redness or bleeding. If you see a cracked tooth, call the doctor for advice. Place the chip back and have the kid hold it as you seek help. You will need to have the chip fixed if nerves are exposed.


These are five common injuries in children. We hope you have learned the best way to handle them and what you should avoid to prevent more risks. ttactics Call 911 for emergencies and rush the child to the E.R. if you cannot solve the problem.

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